CSI Faculty Presents at Indiana University’s Mini University

CSI Faculty Presents at Indiana University's Mini University

June 5th through 9th had an influx of students at Indiana University’s Mini University week, a special yearly event cosponsored by IU Alumni Association and Lifelong Learning where adults of all ages can register to attend noncredit classes held throughout the week. Attendees had a wide array of choices available to them with over 100 different classes available to attend and the event would not be complete without Professor Jean Camp, co-director of the Center for Security Informatics, presenting her lecture “Trust and Risk on the Internet.” 

On Friday morning, Professor Jean Camp spoke to a bustling room filled with attendees regarding issues of internet use and personal net security. The attendees listened while Professor Camp led a discussion about data breaches in the news, phishing, identity theft, and more. One main take-a-way from the class was that attendees did not need to be afraid of doing things on the Internet and that they could take actionable steps to better protect themselves. Advice presented throughout the class included:

  • How to avoid fake anti-virus software
  • How to make stronger passwords and when to use them
  • How to enable computer updates
  • How to avoid phishing and tax scams
  • How to protect personal information on social media sites

Attendees were also given time to ask questions during the lecture and many asked about information directly afterwards. Professor Camp was assisted by Jacob Abbott, Omkar Bhide, and Sanchari Das, students working with the Center for Security Informatics, to help answer individual questions after the class ended. Additional handouts with summaries of information and advice were made available to attendees in person, but in case anyone missed the lecture or misplaced a handout, they are available through the Center for Security Informatics’ Mini University page here.