SPICE Core Faculty

SPICE Tenure Track Faculty

L. Jean Camp, Director of SPICE
Professor of Informatics

(812) 856-1865
Informatics West 300

Risk is as inevitable online as it is offline, but informed risk decisions require understanding the underlying risk and the communication of that that risk in a timely, clear manner.

XiaoFeng Wang, Director of SPICE
Professor of Informatics and Computer Science

(812) 856-1862
Lindley Hall 230F

Dr. Wang's research focuses on system security and data privacy with a specialization on security and privacy issues in mobile and cloud computing, and privacy issues in dissemination and computation of human genomic data.

Esfandiar Haghverdi, Executive Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Professor of Computer Science & Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

(812) 856-1089
Lindley Hall 3154

Prof. Hagverdi is the Director of Cybersecurity and Global Policy Program.

Apu Kapadia, Associate Director of Secure Computing
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Informatics

(812) 856-1465
Lindley Hall 330B

Prof. Kapadia's research focuses on computer security and privacy issues in the context of social networks and wearable and sensor-enabled computing.

Yan Huang
Assistant Professor

(812) 856-3241
Lindley Hall 330C

Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Virginia, 2012

Luyi Xing
Assistant Professor

Luddy Hall 3030

Major research interest is in protecting computer systems by identifying new types of design and logic flaws within commodity systems and inventing protection solutions.

Xiaojing Liao
Assistant Professor

Luddy Hall 3064

Major research interests are related to identifying and understanding critical security issues in large systems through data-oriented security analysis and to designing innovative solutions to address these issues.

SPICE Teaching Faculty

Kurt Seiffert
Principal Security Engineer


Carol E.B. Choksy
Senior Lecturer

Associate Chair, Information and Library Science
CEO of IRAD Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Luddy Hall 2110

Shabnam Kavousianean
Senior Lecturer

Informatics West 303

J. Duncan
Senior Lecturer

Myles Brand Hall 201