IU Cyber Security Club (CSC) Gears Up For Fall 2022


By Brady Anderson, CSC Vice-President

IUC Cyber Security Club LogoIU’s Cyber Security Club (CSC) is a growing community of alumni, faculty, and students. Over the past 10 years it has grown from 3 members and a staff sponsor to 250+ members. Through the efforts of many dedicated students and faculty over the years, we have been able to build a great foundation as a persistent community at Luddy. CSC has always been a place for people who are new to cybersecurity to explore and learn with others. We are a gateway to new students who can get connected with more experienced members and ease into this deep field. All students need to do is show up! 

During the semester the club meets once a week, usually in the early evening. In meetings, we cover technical topics, bring in faculty or  industry speakers, and discuss fundamental concepts. These meetings are fairly casual and serve more as open discussions on a topic rather than a formal lecture. CSC is meant to be social and a safe place to ask questions and explore. For the upcoming semester, the club will host 5 technical labs as well as 2 social, 2 networking, and 2 career development events. Finally, we will also do a walk through of a beginner Capture the Flag (CTF) game allowing students to get hands-on experience while working with a group. Some exciting events this semester include a walkthrough of process injection of malware as well as an introduction to metasploit! Additionally, one of our sub-groups, “Weekend Hackers” will be regularly meeting to deep dive on technical labs and activities that can be a little too involved for larger club meetings. There are many ways to get involved, meet new friends, and explore the field of cybersecurity in an approachable manner in CSC.

The leadership team behind CSC is excited for this upcoming semester. The club is run by a team of 13 students, led by President Meredith Fain and Vice-President Brady Anderson. Our faculty advisor is Joshua Streiff, the Project Manager at the IoT house on campus. You can find out more about our meeting times in discord or on our website. The best way to get involved is by joining the discord, and introducing yourself to everyone. Our focus this semester is getting members engaged more with industry professionals, attending a conference, and helping sub-groups affiliated with the club. We hope to continue to be a vibrant community of students passionate about cybersecurity. 

IU’s Cyber Security Club is sponsored by the Security & Privacy in Informatics, Computing, and Engineering (SPICE) Center at Indiana University’s Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering. SPICE is dedicated to providing students a world class education in cybersecurity that includes both classroom instruction as well as practical skills building opportunities including Capture the Flag, research experiences at IU’s Internet of Things Residential lab facility, and support securing internships with industry and government partners. Check out the included club official links below for more information.