Computer Networks Faculty

Geoffrey Brown
Professor of Computer Science
(812) 855-4207
Luddy Hall 3020

Apu Kapadia
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Informatics
(812) 856-1465
Luddy Hall 3028

XiaoFeng Wang, Director of SPICE
Professor of Informatics and Computer Science
(812) 856-1862
Lindley Hall 230F

Dr. Wang’s research focuses on system security and data privacy with a specialization on security and privacy issues in mobile and cloud computing, and privacy issues in dissemination and computation of human genomic data.

Raquel Hill
Director of Cybersecurity
(812) 856-5807
Lindley Hall 230E

Prof. Hill’s research interests are in the area of data protection, including designing, developing, and evaluating mechanisms for securing access and preserving privacy of sensitive data.

Martin Swany
Professor of Computer Science
(812) 856-7795
Luddy Hall 4144

Minaxi Gupta
Associate Professor of Computer Science
(812) 855-0918